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I’m Kathryn (Huiqin) Gao, a passionate user experience designer. This blog is where I jot down my everyday thinking towards the fascinating intersection of humanity and design.

Born a compassionate, empathetic and creative person who has endowed system thinking and people skills (see my personality test result), I believe there’s no other position than “UX designer” fits my life path better.

My education and research background (at WHU & at VU) strengthen my T-shape profile especially in information architecture and user research – I happened to have spent 8 years on information systems/science field. Here is my publication record of 8 papers on Google Scholar. Here is Mendeley’s report of my presentation in Newport Beach, CA, US.

I sought for making a positive impact on the society from an early age. With support from UNESCO’s Information For All Program (IFAP), I expanded the conventional Internet search competition to a standardized information literacy evaluation and education project. Here is my professor’s proud presentation of that on European Conference on Information Literacy.

Besides, I am a beloved daughter, an understanding friend, an efficient co-worker and a ukulele player.

Please feel free to leave comments or reaching out via emails. Here are my contacts.

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