Hi! I’m Huiqin Gao, and I go for “Hitomi”. Welcome to my blog.

This is my professional blog that records my explorations towards knowledge, ideas and techniques of user experience designing.

I serve as a junior interaction designer at Kingdee, Shenzhen. My dream is to become an excellent user experience designer.

I cycle, sketch, play ukulele and cook Nippon food. I love golden retriever and sun-shining air on fresh grass.

I used to live in Wuhan (7 years), Beijing (4 months), Hangzhou (3 months) and Amstelveen (1 year).

I hiked in Tibet, boated in Sanya and Beidaihe, got sun-burnt in Newport Beach and arrived in Philadelphia alone at 1:00 am.

My only trip to Germany was a planned visit (by myself) to Red Dot Design Museum, with a new friend, Yefan. She is an outstanding UX designer.

I brought back piles of sketchbooks, from Rembrandt’s old house.

I love science. And I love perfection.

Feel free to leave your comments for any of my posts. I come back now and then.

Or if you wish to reach me via emails, please refer to Contact page.

Thanks for reading!

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